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Roku WiFi Direct Password and Usernames

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How to find out your Roku WiFi Direct Password?

how to change or find Roku WiFi Direct Password When you connect your Roku tv or streaming player to your home wireless network, you will need to select the name of the wireless network.

Roku device scans all available networks & presents a list that is ordered by the strength of the wireless signal. We will know about Roku WiFi direct password and name finding solutions in this post.

How do I find my wireless network name and password?

The wireless network nameor how to find Roku WiFi Direct Password, known as the SSID, is either the default name that was set by your Internet Service Provider or router manufacturer or the name you selected when you set up your wireless network.

How to Find Wireless Network Name?

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  • The first thing you need to do is see which network your computer or mobile device is connected to. The Roku device will connect with the same network – Roku WiFi Direct Password.
  • If you are unable to see your network name on the list of “available networks” in the “Choose your Network” screen, chose Scan again to see all networks. This would present a list of all available networks.

Direct-Roku wifi default password?

  • If you don’t remember the name of your wireless network, Solved – Roku WiFi Direct Password go to the support sites of rokucomsuppot or of your internet service provider or router manufacturer. Also, few times the default name is listed on the bottom of the router.

How to Get Wireless Password? – Roku Wi-fi Direct Password

  • Enter the same Wi-Fi password that you used to connect your computer or mobile device to the home network.
  • In case you forgot the password, go to the support site for your internet service provider technical support executives.
  • They will suggest the specific methods for their products to recover the password or reset it. Sometimes you can see the default password at the bottom of the router.

Tips for Entering Direct WiFi Password on Roku

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  • As Passwords are case sensitive, use shift keys of the keyboard to enter capital letters.
  • Chose a Show password or hide password on the password entry screen. This will allow you to see or hide your password as you enter it.

Direct Roku WiFi Default Password

Fix Roku WiFi Direct Password The majority of Roku routers have a default username of , a default password of , and the default IP address of These Roku credentials are needed when you login Roku web interface for changing any settings.

Forgot your Roku Router Password?

So, you changed the username or password of your Roku router & forgot what you just changed? You may need not to worry, all Roku routers come with default factory set password which you can revert by the following steps –

Reset Roku Router to the Direct Default WiFi Password

If you decide to change your Roku router to its factory defaults, you should do the 30-30-30 reset as follows:

  • When your Roku router is powered on, press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds.
  • By holding and pressing the reset button, unplug the power of the router & hold the reset button for another 30 seconds

Roku Default Usernames and Passwords

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  • While you hold the reset button down, turn on the power to the unit again & hold for another 30 seconds.

Roku WiFi Direct Password, Your Roku router should now be reset to its brand-new factory settings, and direct password of your Roku Wi-Fi router will also change.

How to Avoid Roku Wi-fi Direct from Breaking 5ghz Devices

A Roku 3 or streaming stick uses Wi-Fi Direct to communicate with the remote control. This works well… unless you intended to use your Wi-Fi for some other purpose, that is. If your Roku is near your Wi-Fi access point or between your device and the access point, you will experience horrible WiFi connectivity.

Roku WiFi Direct Password A Roku in the apartment next to you could break your WiFi connectivity. People have been forced to stop using them due to neighbor complaints.

What does direct Roku mean on my list of WiFi networks?

Well, We have found the problem and how to fix it.


  • Roku will grab the same Wi-Fi channel as the nearest Wi-Fi access point (e.g. yours)
  • It will broadcast a Wi-Fi Direct SSID DIRECT-Roku-123-A2 on the same channel
  • It will increase its power to stay above your AP if you up the transit power

Changing the Wi-Fi Direct Password

Most people don’t have the training or tools for WiFi problem diagnosis and probably weren’t even aware this was their problem. We know someone who said WiFi was unusable in their apartment every evening. We asked him to check, and sure enough, there were two nearby Rokus interfering with their WiFi 0r Roku WiFi Direct Password.

Roku WiFi Direct Username and Password

You don’t want to disable WiFi on the Roku because you won’t have a working remote control. It’s a serious problem. People were buying the previous generation IR remote controls just so they could break the wiki antennas off their Roku devices with permissions.

Roku Streaming Stick WiFi Direct Password

Change Roku WiFi Direct Password Well, We have found the problem. The Roku has interference mitigation enabled by default. This is a technology that deliberately disrupts traffic to nearby APs to attempt to improve local traffic.

Yeah, it’s a nightmare in action. And frankly, this technology violates US FCC regulations! It comes under the sections 302(b), 301 and 333 of the Federal Communications Act of 1934.

Roku Stick WiFi Direct Password

Here are the instructions to fix it

  • Startup the Roku and get to the home screen.
  • Press these 10 buttons quickly: HOME-HOME-HOME-HOME-HOME-FFWD-PLAY-REWIND-PLAY-FFWD
  • Chose “Wireless Secret Screen” from menu choices
  • Select “Interference” from the menu choices
  • Choose “None”

This should solve it. Instead of trying to interfere with the AP, the Roku goes off to a used channel far away from your Wi-Fi as it should have originally! In our case.

TCLUSA — Finding Your Wireless Network Name & Password

it went up to channel 165 which is as far as you can get away from our WiFi AP’s channel 40. It was not showing any instructions that a reboot is necessary. However, the settings persist after a reboot.

Power menu was also changed to Low. This does not affect my WiFi remote from working, but it didn’t lower the power sent onto the spectrum either. Our WiFi analyzer showed the same power level coming from the Roku as before.

Get Super Support for Roku Wifi Direct Password Change

Don’t get confused when you have the simplest way to solve the Roku WiFi direct password change option. With the help of our technical support staff, you will be easily doing all the things which are necessary for your Roku.

Simple steps but effective results. Call us at our toll-free phone number 1-888-335-1333 Rokucomsupport

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