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Roku TV Won’t Connect to Internet quick fix. So, you have recently purchased Roku TV, it is great finally you have entered into the work of media streaming players. Honestly, Roku TV is one of the best online media players available in the market. However, to enjoy a great streaming experience you need a superb internet connection and that is why most users experience Roku TV won’t connect to internet problems.

Roku TV Won’t Connect to Internet It can be quite frustrating to see that the Roku TV fails to connect to the internet as soon as you turn it on. Not only it comes between your streaming experience but it also makes it very difficult to enjoy watching the content.

Roku TV Won’t Connect to Internet So, to resolve the Roku TV won’t connect to internet issues you need to get down with a few troubleshooting solutions. But if you are in the middle of something and need a quick response. Then you must seek help from the Roku technical support teams, as they guide you on how to fix the errors with Roku TV in real-time.

Fortunately, Roku TV not connecting to internet issues is very common. Most of the Roku Tv users experience this problem at some point in time, so you are not alone. Also, we have a complete guide to help you with the problem.

Sign in with the Router

So, if you are experiencing a hard time with the router and that is why Roku TV is not connecting. Then simply try to login with your router. Visit the login page of the router. Usually, Roku TV Won’t Connect to Internet the default password for the login in ‘password’ however, if you have changed the password enter the correct one for login.

Change the DNS Settings

In the next step, you need to alter the DNS settings. You must make sure to change DNS1 and DNS2 settings to public DNS. Make Sure the router runs on public DNS. Roku TV Won’t Connect to Internet If you are unable to change the DNS settings, then you can also seek help from the technical support team.

Resetting the Roku

If Roku TV is having connection issues then you can resolve it by resetting the router. This step will allow you to reset the Roku settings to default and most of the time it can help in fixing internet connection related issues. Roku TV Won’t Connect to Internet You can find the reset option in advanced settings. If you are unable to reset the router

If the above-mentioned steps are unable to resolve the connection related problem then you are left with one option that is hard reset – Roku TV Won’t Connect to Internet

  • Make sure the Roku is power on.
  • You can find the reset button behind the Roku stick. Press/hold this button for a few seconds.
  • Then you must try rebooting the device to fix the error.

These are some of the methods that you can follow to fix the connection problem with Roku TV. However, if you are still unable to fix the ‘Roku TV won’t connect to the internet’ problem then getting help from the team of experts is the best solution.

If you are still experiencing an internet connection problem on Roku TV then you shall try these tips to improve the network – Roku TV Won’t Connect to Internet

  • Change the place where the router is seated. Many times, the slightest change in the position of the router can drastically improve the network. Try placing the router somewhere in the middle so that the wi-fi signals are distributed equally.
  • The firmware of the router needs an update. To resolve issues with an internet connection, make sure the firmware and the driver of the router are updated timely.
  • Use wireless extender or a booster to improve the internet connection. It provides a great coverage range within the premises.
  • Test your internet connection. For a fantastic streaming experience, you need to make sure that there is fast internet speed. You can run a speed test. Roku TV Won’t Connect to Internet There are many websites that offer free network speed test.
  • Limit or restrict the number of devices on the network.
  • Change the DNS settings to improve the connection.

We have covered some of the basic solutions that can help in fixing ‘Roku TV won’t connect to the internet’ error. However, if the issue is unresolved you must get help from the technical support team. Get in touch with the Roku support team for expert guidance and solutions.

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