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Roku Error Code 009

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Roku Error Code 009, Roku player is a streaming device that will help you in providing the video content that may be movies, news, sports, serials and much more entertainment with the help of internet connections. Roku error code 009 occurs when your Roku device is unable to connect to the internet.

What is Roku Error Code 009?

Below are the ways to deal with the concern Roku error code 009:

  • Check that your internet network is active from another device.
  • You should modify the DNS settings on your modem. You should scroll down the bottom of the page and you can check the advanced router settings.

Few hints by which you can solve the Roku error code 009

  • You should examine the connectivity of the internet. You can use another Roku device for this.
  • You should modify the DNS arrangement on your modem. You can also check the advanced router settings and refresh the switch firmware.
  • Open advanced settings and then choose the option “ACL/MAC address filtering”
  • Adjust the remote security mode and change the DNS servers.

Fixing the Roku Error code 009 software error using the other troubleshooting tips-

  • Check your network connection- the first step is to check your network connection. Do check if it is working or not. Make sure your device is receiving wireless signals and your Roku device is connected properly.
  • Updating the router’s firmware- due to outdated router firmware, you may be facing the Roku error code 009. So, don’t forget to update your router ASAP.
  • Revise your modem’s DNS configuration settings- when you check the things, you need to change the DNS configuration settings. After updating the router’s firmware, you need to adjust the ACL/MAC address filtering. When you do this, you need to fix the security mode as well as modify the DNS servers.

Reviewing the connection settings-

  • You can go to settings>network>about to check your connection
  • Your signal strength should be good
  • The Internet download speed should be good
  • If you think signal strength is poor you should measure the wireless signal.

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