Older rokus now obsolete


Anyone having an older roku wondering why its suddenly turned into a pig?

Yes thats right. As technology advances and competition increases Roku is upgrading the hardware and the software that goes into its devices. What that means is that with every new model they are beefing up the hardware and the software. The processors are getting powerful, the the softwares are getting better, more and more applications and features are finding their way to the device.

Thats all good news. Right? Well only if you have one of the newer ones. For the ones who own anything older than a Roku 3 2016, chances are your device is already a dinosaur. With the updates we’ve been getting so far, the UI has gotten cleaner but at the same time the software has gone heavy on the processor, making the system slow. In fact, applications have gone so heavy that many have already declared the older systems unsupported. Directv Now has already declared many systems incompatible. Here is the list of the ones still supported. And so has Youtube. People say even Netflix won’t work on the older ones. Though we don’t have an official statement.

Called Roku Support to confirm, they say its a good decision to stick with the ones that are on sale now, which implies that sooner or later the Roku 3 and Roku 4 will also go the way of dinosaurs. So if someone is to buy a Roku now, I recommend that they buy the cheapest new roku they can find. Given the fact that Rokus go obsolete after about 2 years.

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