error code 011 on roku. Call 1-888-335-1333 for support

How To Solve Roku Error 011

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During setup or regular use, some users face error code 011 & how to solve Roku Error 011 ‘Cannot connect to Roku‘ on their roku. The Roku error code 011 means that the software update has failed on the roku device. The reason for failure can range from a bad internet connection to a full memory on the roku.

The Roku device checks for software updates automatically every 24 hours. The user can as well check for updates manually by going to Setting -> System -> System Update.

Roku Error 011

During this procedure, the roku will connect to the software update server, check for device firmware updates and channel updates. Any updates found are then automatically installed. The device may reboot a few times during this process.

In case one comes across Roku error 011, there can be a few simple explanations.

  1. The internet connection (wifi) is not strong or is providing intermittent connection.
  2. The ISP is somehow blocking either the Roku or one of the software update websites.
  3. An antivirus or firewall is blocking the roku’s access to the internet.

To troubleshoot the roku error 011 please perform the follwing actions:

  1. Click on Try Update Again
  2. Restart the roku by unplugging the power cable for 10 seconds.
  3. Restart your router
  4. If all else fails, try and connect to another wifi network for the update.

If these steps do not resolve the error 011 on your roku, please contact technical support at 1-888-335-1333

Once the roku is connected to the internet properly, it should give you the Roku Activation Code or the roku link code. You have to go to and enter the code to activate your roku.

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